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Medisportz Cool Gel Pads

Ice Cool Gel Pads, great for reducing inflammation. 

The easy answer to first aid: cooling any area of the horse or human. The first response to an injury should be to cool the area. 

Ice is often not available and can be difficult to place over the point of injury. It can also be damaging to the surrounding tissue. 

Cool Gel Pads are instantly cold, and adhere to the skin. That makes them very useful for areas that cannot be bandaged. Although they feel sticky, they can be removed (and replaced in the foil pack) without removing any hair or leaving any residue on the skin. 

They can be used over wounds with the Medisportz sterile dressing underneath. They have been used by veterinarians for recovery of the surgical site after operations. 

The cooling effect lasts for eight hours. If this time is not used up, the pad should be put back in the foil bag, sealed and can be used again until the eight hours are all utilised. This makes them ideal for hot and cold fomentation. The fact that no refrigeration is necessary makes them an ideal item for every first aid kit, trucks, and cars, at any venue that has human and equine sporting fixtures.

Size: Small, Medium, Large


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